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Universal Kids Resort: Universal Destinations & Experiences recently unveiled captivating details about the upcoming family-themed park and resort in Frisco, revealing its official name—Universal Kids Resort. This revelation marks a significant step in bringing a family-oriented experience to North Texas, catering specifically to young children up to 46 inches tall.

The Park’s Unveiling: Universal’s Grand Reveal

Earlier this year, Universal hinted at a family-focused park and a 300-room themed resort hotel in North Texas. Confirming their plans, Universal Destinations & Experiences obtained zoning approval, solidifying the project’s progression. With the official announcement of the park’s name, the vision began taking shape.

Design and Features

Page Thompson, the president of new ventures for Universal Destinations & Experiences, highlighted the park’s immersive design, emphasizing a lush landscape and buffer trees. Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney expressed his anticipation for the park, envisioning it as an integral part of Frisco’s identity, immersing children in an environment filled with beloved characters.

Evolving Visions: From Concept to Reality

Contrasting with the initial proposal in January, the final rendering showcases a more intimate setting, a quarter of the size of Orlando’s parks. Despite its smaller scale, Universal assures a quality experience akin to its larger resorts, promising a unique experience for families with young children.

Unique Experience and Economic Impact

Anticipated to generate around $200 million in annual spending in Frisco, Universal Kids Resort aims to offer playful shows, meet-and-greets, and innovative culinary experiences, tapping into the unbounded creativity of children.

Creating for Kids: Universal’s Creative Approach

Molly Murphy, president of Universal Creative, detailed the park’s design philosophy, aiming to capture the essence of a child’s imagination and sense of exploration through its offerings.

Symbolic Gestures: Universal Parkway

Universal’s dedication to community integration extends to naming the park’s entrance road ‘Universal Parkway,’ symbolizing the connection between the park and the local community.

Community Engagement: Challenges and Triumphs

Mayor Cheney acknowledged the community’s involvement, citing it as a lengthy zoning case due to residents’ concerns about traffic and the park’s impact. However, by addressing these concerns and showcasing infrastructure plans, the community rallied in support of the project.

Local Concerns: Addressing Apprehensions

Some residents, particularly in the Cobb Hill neighbourhood adjacent to the site, expressed worries about property values and potential disruptions. Universal aims to foster harmony and reassure residents about the positive impacts.

Construction and Progress

The groundbreaking in November marked the commencement of the park’s construction, slated for completion in two years. With the start of vertical construction expected in early 2024, the project anticipates providing approximately 2,500 jobs in the area.

Unveiling the Secrets of Disneyland’s Society of Explorers and Adventurers


Universal Kids Resort promises an enchanting experience, blending creativity and community integration. It stands poised to become a cornerstone of Frisco‘s identity, offering families a unique and memorable getaway.

Frisco’s Universal Kids Resort Unwrapped: Fresh Details

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