Must-Visit Cities in the United States

Exploring America: What if this year you swapped your usual stay in the Big Apple for a new playground?

Just as memorable, the following destinations are among the most beautiful in the United States, and they deserve to move up the list of urban trips to do once in your life.


The beauties of this Illinois city are known throughout the world, notably its horizon dotted with buildings so dizzying that it seems as if they are clawing at the sky. In Chicago, relax in Millennium Park, near its famous “Giant Bean,” on one of the beaches bordering Lake Michigan, or in the heart of the immense green spaces, in particular the Lakefront Trail.

We’ll be amazed by the various museums, which remind us how prodigious Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh were. As it is a high-level sporting city, we also meet in the stands, so as not to miss anything of the next feat.


A cosmopolitan city in the state of California, San Francisco is also described as its most European. No doubt the Painted Ladies, these pretty Victorian houses, the iconic trams (“cable cars”) that seem to hang by a thread, or the flamboyant Golden Gate have something to do with it.

These emblematic attractions are added to the terrifying Alcatraz, the oh-so-winding Lombard Street, the renowned Chinatown (ranked among the oldest in North America!), or the splendid Fisherman’s Wharf, sought after for the sea lions at Pier 39. Cradle of Beatnik culture, cool, and flower power, San Francisco is magical!

3. NEW ORLEANS – Exploring America

In Louisiana, we are keen to explore NOLA to experience the legendary Mardi Gras, discover its vibrant neighborhoods such as the famous French Vieux Carré, let the good times roll on the Mississippi aboard the Steamboat Natchez, party to the frantic rhythms of Bourbon Street, taste the decadent delights of Café du Monde or tuck into muffuletta, andouille sausage, gumbo and many other local specialties.

The trip would not be complete without a detour into the bayous or a visit to an old sugar cane plantation.

PORTLAND, OREGON-Must-Visit Cities


Mecca of microbreweries, the precursor of 3rd wave coffees, tasty thanks to its farmers’ markets, Portland is among the most gastronomic American cities. It stands out as much by what is on the plate as by what surrounds it.

This Oregon city, nicknamed “the City of Roses” for its incredible number of gardens, impresses no less with its old neighborhoods, art museums, stunning architecture, lush parks, and sensational outdoor adventures.


Who has never dreamed of reproducing the scene where Rocky climbs the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art? We land in Philly, Pennsylvania, to relive this kind of moment, as well as to relive the beginnings of American democracy.

You must admire Independence Hall and its Liberty Bell, the Eastern State Penitentiary, marked by the passage of Al Capone, or the Independence National Historical Park. We love Philadelphia even more for its some 4,000 murals, its long line of art mus
eums and its comforting gastronomy.



Between its futuristic “Space Needle”, its immense farmers’ market (Pike Place Market), and its remarkable nature areas bordered by as many beaches as lighthouses, Seattle is idyllic.

We too often forget that this fertile land of Washington, at the origin of grunge, is beautiful, vibrant, lit, and… greedy! It’s a true “foodie’s” paradise: you eat divinely and drink well in the Emerald City.

7. BOSTON – Exploring America

Founded in 1630, Boston charms with its ancestral monuments, its neighborhoods or cult places, and witnesses of important stories. As one of the first cities in the United States, the capital of Massachusetts is a veritable open-air museum.

In the surrounding area, a visit to the prestigious campus of Harvard, the first American university, the Old North Church, the oldest church, the picturesque Beacon Hill district or the popular Quincy Market confirms this. This is also the case for the small town of Salem, 30 km from the metropolis, haunted by the witch trials of 1692. A must-see.

BOSTON- U.S Must visit City


In spring, Washington is magnified with cherry blossoms, a spectacular backdrop that only enhances its many treasures. We are talking here about the White House, the Capital, the Lincoln Memorial, if not the famous Washington Monument.

In truth, whatever the season, the splendors of the capital unfold wall to wall, especially in the Constitution Gardens, in the trendy historic district of Georgetown, or through countless museum collections.

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