Miami Beach: Florida is the dream destination of many northern and central Europeans. You can rely on pleasant summer temperatures all year round. In addition, this US state on the Atlantic Ocean has a tourist infrastructure that leaves nothing to be desired. This also, and especially, applies to Miami Beach.

The city of Miami Beach celebrated its centenary in 2015 and is a mecca for those who love sun, sand, and a relaxed atmosphere. This young city, which only celebrated its centenary in 2015, is the Mecca for everyone who loves sun and sand, interesting hotels and a relaxed atmosphere on holiday. That’s all well and good, but a little culture can’t hurt either.

A city where every guest is welcome

No problem, Miami Beach has a lot to offer there too. From the Botanical Garden to the Jewish Museum, from Espanola Way to Casa Casuarina, there is a lot to see and do. If that’s still not enough, one or two day trips are also worth it – for example to Miami .

However, once you arrive in Miami Beach in Florida , your wish for a day trip could quickly be fulfilled. The legendary “South Beach” in particular is a great attraction for locals and visitors alike. Fine white sand combined with luxurious hotels in the Art Deco style, plus the Atlantic Ocean and a decidedly relaxed and tolerant way of life – that definitely sounds like a holiday environment that you won’t want to leave in a hurry. Not only do nationalities from all over the world mix in Miami Beach, different sexual preferences are also no problem here.

Miami Beach attracts with reliable weather

The city is known for welcoming gay tourists with open arms and has a correspondingly lively and interesting gay and lesbian scene. But that’s just one facet of Miami Beach. Needless to say, heterosexual visitors are of course more than welcome in Miami Beach. The city is also a magnet for families and holidaymakers who are already in the second half of their lives. They come for the reliably warm weather and, in part, for the low cost of living. In Miami Beach you can, but you don’t necessarily have to, stay in luxurious accommodation. There are also a large number of smaller, very inexpensive hotels in which guests can feel comfortable.

This duo is not to be missed: Art Deco and Ocean Drive

There’s only one place in the world that has a larger, more cohesive Art Deco district than Miami Beach, and that’s Napier, New Zealand. Otherwise, Miami Beach can claim to be the architectural capital of Art Deco. In addition to the architectural crown jewels that are located in the approximately two and a half square kilometer protected “Miami Beach Architectural District” zone, there are also plenty of comparable buildings outside this narrow area. They were all built in the 1930s and 1940s and – it’s hard to believe – were even supposed to be demolished.

But a very active citizens’ initiative managed to prevent this. The result, worth seeing, is almost 1,000 historically valuable buildings located between Alton Road, 5th Street, the Collins Canal and the Atlantic Ocean. And Miami Beach’s most famous street, Ocean Drive, runs right through it. On this promenade you see and are seen. You can also go shopping there, eat out or just have a cocktail. If you haven’t strolled up and down Ocean Drive, you haven’t been to Miami Beach.

What else there is to see

Beach life ( checklist for beach vacation ) in Miami Beach preferably takes place on South Beach. Women who lie in the sun “topless” are even tolerated there; This is otherwise extremely frowned upon and often even outright banned in the USA. North of 5th Street, visitors can immerse themselves in everyday Jewish life. This is the heart of the large Jewish community with its synagogues, shops and kosher restaurants. If you want to learn more about Judaism, pay a visit to the Jewish Museum of Florida, 301 Washington Avenue, South Beach. Admission is free.

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The same cannot be said about “Casa Casuarina” (1116 Ocean Drive). The fashion czar Gianni Versace once lived in this white villa. The opulently furnished house became more famous for the fact that Versace was shot on the stairs to the entrance. Today the building serves as an absolute luxury hotel, to which only private members of an elite club have access. However, mere mortals can join a guided tour through the splendor. Cost: just under $70. By the way, even a super-big bank account isn’t enough to become a member of the hotel club. To do this you need a recommendation from an existing member.

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