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Fort Lauderdale: If you dream of a carefree, casual summer vacation in Florida, you should put Fort Lauderdale on your shortlist. The eighth-largest city in the popular US state, nicknamed the “Sunshine State,” has everything that makes a successful beach vacation—and a little more.

It’s not just the beautiful weather and kilometers of expansive beaches that make Fort Lauderdale a great choice. Apart from an extensive selection of eateries and bustling nightlife, it has excellent shopping, a wealth of cultural experiences, and an abundance of exciting excursion possibilities.

Can there be a few examples? Please note that the Everglades or one boat trip over to the Bahamas are certain trips that you can’t take so quickly at any other holiday destination. The proximity to Miami is certainly not a disadvantage either. From Fort Lauderdale, it’s easy to explore Florida’s largest metropolis.. If you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle in the evening, you can look forward to returning to the somewhat quieter Fort Lauderdale.

Welcome to the Venice of America

What’s the best way to get there from Europe? Fort Lauderdale has its international airport, which has direct flights from some European countries. This is rarely the case in Germany, but it’s still not a problem. Because Fort Lauderdale is only about 30 kilometers from Miami, you can easily use the airport of your big neighbor. From the first day of their vacation, sun worshippers are spoiled for choice. Fort Lauderdale offers around eleven kilometres of beaches where you can swim, sunbathe, surf, play, and relax. If you like, you can enjoy an exciting underwater world while snorkelling and diving.

So there is nothing left to be desired when it comes to leisure activities where the focus is on the “beach” and life in the sun. Of course, this also includes boats of all types and sizes.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale delights with many canals

Fort Lauderdale is not called the “Venice of America” for nothing. Smaller and larger canals crisscross the entire city. Anyone who has the necessary change lives on one of these canals and would rather park a fancy yacht in front of the property instead of a car.

The really big pots can then be admired in Port Everglades. The cruise ships dock here and either sail up to New York, head for Mexico, or have the Caribbean islands as their destination. Does that sound “busy”? The port is a real attraction because it not only houses the largest container terminal on the East Coast of the USA but is also the largest cruise port in the world. Ten large cruise ships or more can be moored here at the same time, and over 50,000 passengers can be processed per day. It was a worthwhile detour!

Forget Miami and Orlando: This Florida City is the Real Gem

An absolute must: the Everglades

A visit to Fort Lauderdale without the Everglades Unthinkable! On the contrary, Fort Lauderdale is the ideal gateway to this national park, with its unique and fantastic flora and fauna. Regardless of whether you describe the Everglades as a wet marshland or a swamp, a flying boat ride over the shallow waters is always one of the highlights of a Florida vacation. Parts of the Everglades are now a protected national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are still problems, however.

They have to do with increasing environmental pollution and the fact that the ecological balance is no longer right. In addition, certain species, especially the tiger python, which was introduced from Asia, contribute to the threat to other animals. Still, to this day, great wildlife viewing can be had in the Everglades. Raccoons, wild flamingos, herons, alligators, crocodiles, ibises, and storks—the list could still go on and on. Americans are also making great efforts to repair the damage of the past.

By the way, the Everglades are also home to several Indian tribes that have their reservations here. The Ah-Tha-Thi-Ki Museum in the Everglades (34725 West Boundary Road, Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation, You should take some time with you for this place, which combines great scenic beauty with the effort to save the fate of the Native Americans from oblivion.

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A day in the city

Of course, you don’t have to leave Fort Lauderdale permanently to appreciate and love it. In addition to its wonderful beaches, the city also has a lot to offer. There is, for example, the NSU Art Museum (1, East Las Olas Boulevard) with a permanent exhibition that shows over 7,000 objects primarily from the period after the Second World War. At the same time, sophisticated special exhibitions are regularly organized. The “International Swimming Hall of Fame” (1, Hall of Fame Drive) Their exhibitions and events are dedicated to the world’s Olympic swimming legends.

If shopping is at the top of your list of favorite things to do, then Fort Lauderdale is a true paradise. There are more and more elegant malls with chic shops here. However, it is not quite so self-evident that the city has one of the largest discount shopping centers in the entire USA. The “Sawgrass Mills” mall is home to over 350 shops, bars, and restaurants.

Fort Lauderdale with kids

Of course, the weather, the ocean, and the beaches alone are a guarantee that children won’t get bored in Fort Lauderdale. In addition, there are also various attractions, such as amusement parks and small museums suitable for children, with which you can provide variety for your little ones. By the way, don’t worry if your children are teenagers.

Beyond Parks: Florida’s Family Adventures Unleashed

Fort Lauderdale has long since moved past the days of spring break when students were en masse drinking and smoking. After alcohol and drug abuse increased, the city administration stopped this development. However, conservative parents must prepare for the fact that their children will experience open homosexuality. Fort Lauderdale is a very cosmopolitan and liberal city where many gay and lesbian couples live and even more vacation.

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Fort Lauderdale in a nutshell

  • Eleven kilometers of sandy beach with every water sports option imaginable
  • As the third-largest cruise port in the world, Port Everglades is definitely worth a visit
  • The ideal starting point for a visit to Everglades National Park is the Ah-Tha-Thi-Ki Museum of the Seminole Indians
  • NSU Art Museum, with a focus on contemporary art
  • The Sawgrass Mills Mall is one of the largest discount shopping centers in the United States

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