Mac Jones seeking outside advice to fix Patriots' biggest issue

Mac Jones is aware of his team’s primary weakness. New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones knows what his team’s biggest issue is.

The problem, however, is that no one in the organization seems to have the solution, which is why Jones has been studying some of the NFL’s top offenses to find a way to help the Patriots find ways to create more explosive plays — a facet that’s been the team’s biggest area of weakness.

“I love chunk plays,” Jones told reporters on Wednesday, via the Patriots’ official website. “My whole career I’ve kind of thrived off those play-action and normal chunk plays. … I think we’ll hit them or we’re working on it. I’ve looked at other teams in the league and how they do it and kind of gotten a really good idea of, ‘How can I improve on it? How can we improve on it as a team?’”

Mac Jones seeking outside advice to fix Patriots' biggest issue

The Patriots have the fewest passing plays of 20 yards or more in the league (three), with just one of them going to an actual receiver. The other two were to a running back and tight end, further proving that Jones’ struggles to connect with receivers on deep routes.

Of the five Patriots wide receivers to catch a pass this year, only one has a reception longer than 20 yards (Demario Douglas) and none of the other four have a reception longer than 19 yards.

the third-year QB is just 3-of-18 on deep passing plays despite leading the league in pass attempts of 20 yards or more. Of the 20 QBs with 10 or more deep-pass attempts, Jones ranks last in yards per attempt (2.9), yards (53) and completion percentage (16.7).

Mac Jones Throws

Jones is 0-of-8 throwing deep to his left with a passer rating of 39.6. He’s 2-of-4 for 30 yards and two touchdowns with a passer rating of 114.6 throwing deep between the hashes, and he’s 1-of-6 for 23 yards with a passer rating of 43.1 throwing deep down the right.

“Those are statistically the hardest passes to hit,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick told reporters on Monday. “…We’ve got to hit them, we’ve got to throw them and we need more production out of the deep balls. I mean, not every play is going to be a 40-yard pass. But the ones that we throw during the game — 30 yards, 40 yards, 25 yards, whatever it is — we want to be productive on those plays.”

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