Innovative Ideas to Elevate Your Home

10 Innovative Ideas to Elevate Your Home: Attractive materials, color accents, texture effects, or stylized conversions—here are our most beautiful inspirations to highlight the fireplace!


Built into a fireplace decorated with small geometric tiles, this linear gas fireplace does not lack character! Available in a wide range of designs, colors, and prices, ceramic remains very popular for this type of use because it is strong and heat-resistant. To ensure the most beautiful effect without too many cuts in the material, we choose a tile whose dimensions will best fit those of the fireplace mantel.

Retro Tiles


Home condemned? We don’t lose out because the hearth and the mantle are conducive to the creation of a decorative painting. Mirror, assortment of candles, trinkets, green plants, etc: there are all kinds of interesting possibilities. For a warm and more realistic look, a few logs placed on the ground or on stylish accessories will produce a pretty vignette.

STAGING- Home Decor


In this bright living room, a faux finish that reproduces the rustic look of soapstone adorns the fireplace. Its rough texture creates an interesting contrast with the cozy rug. The mantle, where decorative vases are placed, also provides visual support for the work of art above it. Everything is perfectly proportioned.


This fireplace, which is no longer in use, has gained a second life thanks to the refreshing power of brightly colored paint. Even the matching plume produces a little touch of lightness and gives the whole thing a fanciful look. Another successful makeover: the hearth was filled with logs, which serve as decorative accessories!

Home Decoration


There’s no doubt that this fern-green wall is the star of this contemporary living room. On either side of the mantle, shelves placed over the entire height of the partition structure the space. Then color comes into play to unify the whole, including the fireplace frame, for which a coating adapted to the metal was used. The product look is as current as it is elegant.


An original way to integrate the fireplace into the decor is to embed it in a storage module, like this custom installation. The entire wall is blown and covered with wood veneer in which a few niches are placed. The open and closed spaces as well as the alternation of squares and rectangles form a dynamic whole within which the home easily finds its place, just like the works highlighted.


In this living room with industrial accents, the gas fireplace has a very trendy look: an elongated format offering a panoramic view where a minimalist line of fire emerges from a stream of gravel. By the off-center positioning of the television, which is balanced by the bookcase section rising on the right side, the layout stands out for its creativity. In addition to highlighting the home, asymmetry helps energize the decor.


Marble has always been a timeless material that designers like to associate with fireplace cladding. In this layout, the noble stone is one with the lower cabinets, emphasizing the horizontal shape of the fireplace. It returns as an accent on the lower shelves within the wall storage. We could see ourselves taking a seat on the inviting sofas to chat quietly while contemplating the flames!

Painting Home Decoration

MULTIFUNCTION : Innovative Ideas for Home Decor

Marking the boundary between the kitchen and the dining room is the interesting mission that we gave to the home in this spacious open area. The classic, richly molded mantle was painted and decorated with a few earthenware tiles. In the side spaces of the fireplace, we recovered the volume to create storage. Clever!

MULTI-FUNCTION design for Home Decore


We like the decorative side of fireplaces, but we do not want to install one at home. So why not simply evoke its unifying effect by integrating a fireplace mantel of our choice into the room? In the center of the false hearth, we will place whatever we want: stacked magazines, books, candles, etc. Seasonal decor, particularly Christmas decor, can also be featured there.

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